How to move all files in a folder?

In this step-by-step guide we will explain you how to move all files and folders in a (sub) folder to an other location.

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Step 1:

Open the folder with the files and/or folders you would move. In this example, I would move all files from the folder named "exampleFolder".

Step 2:

Click the checkbox on the top to select all files in that folder.

Checkbox to select all files

Step 3:

Click the "Move" button at the bottom

Move button

Step 4:

Enter the destination of the folder, you need to use relative paths, so in this example I want it to go 1 folder up, to "/home/container/". With the relative path "../" it will do that.

New folder

Step 5:

Click the "Move" button next to the inputfield of the new path.

Step 6:

Your files and/or folders will now be on the new location.