How to create a subuser and set their rights?

In this step-by-step guide we will explain you how to create a subuser and give them them the rights they need.

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Step 1:

Click on the "Users" tab of the server where you want to add the subuser.

The 'Users' tab

Step 2:

Click the "New User" button

The 'New User' button

Step 3:

Enter the email of the user you want to add.

Enter the email of the user you want to add.

Step 4:

Select all rights you want to give the new user.

Select rights.

Step 5:

Click the "Invite User" button. The user will now get 2 emails.

One with the confirmation of the account and a link to create a password.

And one with the confirmation that the account is added to your server.

If the user didn't got the email, have a look in the spambox. The user could also use the forgot password function on the panel to create a new password.

Invite the user.